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GloPRO By Beautybio Review

I was really hesitant to try this out for a few reasons. The first reason was the price. The second reason, I am terrified of needles. I read other reviews before taking the plunge and ultimately decided to give it a try. My short review: it was worth every pretty penny and was pain free ( and this is after only a month of using it 3-4 times a week)

In just 1 month, adding the GloPRO into my nightly routine 3-4 times a week has really made some improvements. My pores look smaller, and my skintone is starting to even out. But what I really got the GloPRO for, was to help with an indented scar. I guess you could call it a pockmark/ice pick/boxcar type of scar. I’ve had this scar for about 2 years and have tried MANY creams and serums in those 2 years. Although some of them may have helped reduce the look, it wasn’t enough. I read that these type of scars usually dont go away on their own and after 2 years it’s safe to say: that statement is true. The options to reduce the scar were mainly done in a professional setting such as fillers, visiting a dermatologist, and skin treatments at spas. I’m going to be honest here and say I don’t like people touching me so if I can avoid that situation, I will. I saw that one of the options was microneedling, and started looking into that. Of course when I found the GloPRO, I was ecstatic. A treatment that I could do at home….on my own!

This is my before and after 1 month pics. Because my main focus was this scar, I didn’t take pictures of my whole face or different parts of it so I could see the difference but just from this, I know it has done wonderful things for my skin. I can’t wait to see my progress after another month or two.

just an FYI, that small circle above the big scar is also a scar but from chicken pox 25 years ago! It is also indented but this one never really bothered me. I can’t even believe that this scar is also improving. They almost looked conjoined before…….they actually may have been! Now you can actually see that they are 2 different scars as they are both smoothing out. now back to the big scar, it was a DEEP scar, now the edges aren’t as raised and it‘s not so boxy looking anymore.

The treatment itself is quick and painless. You just roll the tool all over your face and let the needles do their magic. Someone said in their review that it feels similar to a stubbly beard brushing on your face and that is probably the closest feeling you can describe to this. It’s not painful at all but you can feel something.

i used a hyaluronic acid serum before and after rolling and topped it off with a moisturizing cream to keep my skin hydrated. The GloPRO comes with an empty bottle to put alcohol in to clean the tool. just spritz with alcohol and let it air dry. I spray it before and after each use. I probably spray too much, because sometimes the alcohol would run down the tool and I believe that caused the power button on my GloPRO to smudge. I have been trying to be more careful with that now!

With the results I got in just 1 month I would say this was definitely worth the splurge. I will post an update with more progress pics in another month or so.

PS I have never been so excited about a skincare product before!


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