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Quick Guide to Keto

Updated: Jan 4

starting a keto diet can be very hard. The first few days or even a week will be very hard as your body adjusts. In my opinion, the benefits are so worth it! This diet actually works if done correctly. If you are someone who needs to have ”cheat meals” when dieting, then this is probably going to be very difficult because you cannot cheat!

A keto diet is a high fat, low carb diet. Your sugar intake on this diet will be very little to none. Once your body gets over the sugar, you won’t crave it as much and it will become much easier. Below you will find some tips for starting keto.

  1. Invest in a food scale, as well as a scale for yourself. You will need a food scale to be able to properly log your meals, and weighing yourself regularly will keep you motivated.

  2. Keep track of what you are eating. I use the Carb Manager app. It allows you to put in your macros so you can see how much more fat, protein, or carbs you can eat.

  3. Plan your meals and snacks in advance. You don’t need to prepare in advance but having an idea of what you will be eating will ensure you have enough fat for the day.

  4. Make sure you always have some keto friendly snacks available, for example nuts, keto fat bombs, and keto chocolates. Sometimes you get an urge to munch on something and if you don’t have any keto friendly snacks on hand, you can easily break ketosis because of 1 non keto friendly snack.

  5. Drink LOTS of water to stay hydrated.

I was able to lose 30 pounds on a strict keto diet in 2 months and was able to keep off 20 pounds 3 years and counting. I do not eat as much as I did before Keto and definitely make better food choices but still commit to a keto diet every once in a while. Once you start introducing carbs in your diet, it’s normal to gain some weight back but I was still very happy with 20 pounds gone!

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