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python to generate a color document in.doc mcphail, it really doesn't matter - you download the.deb version of blender. it's the same thing. cfhowlett: yes. But it does matter when installing an offical deb package which has a weird /etc/default/blender-2.77 file which messes things up. cfhowlett: see cfhowlett: I know of no issues. Never had one. But like you say, it is worth checking anyway hi. What is the difference between "A=A" and "A=1" and "A=1"? I'm asking about the different operands of the echo command. Also, why does A=1 print an empty line while A=A prints nothing? mcphail, thanks. I don't actually *think* I have ever hit that file, as in never. no doubt that I've *thought* about it, however. Shapeshifter-, you might want to ask #bash channel cfhowlett: :) cfhowlett: I'm a bit confused as I want to understand it myself... cfhowlett: Do you know the logic behind the command-line? how can I add my computer to an access point? sorry to an ad hoc network I'm on ubuntu 16.04 cfhowlett: I don't want to know the logic behind it, I just want to understand why does "A=1" print an empty line while "A=A" does not print anything? Shapeshifter-, well, the script is in /usr/bin cfhowlett: the script? Shapeshifter-, the command - echo $A cfhowlett: I was reading the line of code when I made the question. cfhowlett: well I understood that but why would there be an output when



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Vray For Sketchup 7 Free Download With Crack

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